Ruairi Poole


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Fussy Tea Drinker, trying hard not show my hipster tendencies.

The Unusual Name

For me, the misspelling started long before I can remember. To be precise, it was on the first day I graced planet earth as my name was incorrectly spelt on my birth certificate and I had to get my na…

By Order of the Peaky Finders

Do you ever agree to do something after a few beers and wake up with a hangover stinkin’ of regret? Well that’s kinda what happened with 6 local lads when they decided to raise money for charity by co…

The Magical Manx Wedding

“Fancy working a wedding bar with me mate?” “Sure, why not, it’ll be a laugh.” Working the bar at an event far surpasses the standard pub bar shift. You tend to go in there with little to no expectati…